Commercial Solicitors Berkshire 

Are you a business owner or employee in need of sound legal advice? Have you been left frustrated by a situation that’s out of your hands and you need a helping hand? Here at Charsley Harrison LLP, we’re capable of assisting with a variety of legal matters concerning the commercial sector. Our solicitors have dealt with businesses of all shapes and sizes over the years and can work with employees too to find an amicable solution.

We handle a wide range of corporate assignments, from company law and commercial contracts to commercial property and employment. We take apart all the legal jargon and give it to you straight in a way that’s easy to understand. Finding yourself faced with legal obstacles can be daunting, but with the help of our lawyers, you’ll be prepared to face whatever challenges may come your way. To get started, give Charsley Harrison LLP a call today on 01753 851 591.

Professional Commercial Solicitors in Berkshire

Legal systems permeate every aspect of civilisation, from divorce proceedings and landlord and tenancy matters to commercial and business law. Not all legal scenarios are unpleasant; some are simply part and parcel of the system we live within. But all share one thing in common – they can be incredibly alienating to those without a competent legal understanding. Whether you own a large business, work for yourself, or are a cog in the machine, Charsley Harrison LLP is here to help if you need legal assistance.

While many legal firms specialise in certain areas, we at Charsley Harrison LLP cover a multitude of legal disciplines, including commercial law. We can assist your business to overcome any hurdles that might present themselves. Whether you require assistance with company law and commercial contracts, conveyancing or commercial property, we’re here to help. We work with a variety of clients, from self-employed individuals to medium-sized businesses. We even handle cases that cross into international jurisdictions, providing flexibility that sets us apart from other firms.

Commercial Solicitors Berkshire 

The Most Reliable Commercial Solicitors Berkshire Has to Offer

There’s an element of trust that must exist during any legal proceeding. When it concerns something like your business, you want to know the advice you’re receiving is well-suited to your company’s interests. The last thing you want is advice that ultimately leads your business astray, costing you money, reputation, and even your company. At Charsley Harrison LLP, we operate with complete honesty, telling you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear.

We tailor the advice we offer and the services we provide to your requirements, all for a very affordable fee. All casework is handled by our legal professionals who possess an intricate knowledge of business law. You’ll have direct access to them throughout, so should any issues arise or you have any questions, you won’t be left hanging. While you might feel some situations can be handled alone, we always advise that you seek legal counsel whenever in doubt.

Why Should You Choose Our Commercial Solicitors Berkshire?

When it comes to commercial law, your business couldn’t be in safer hands than ours. Founded in the late 19th century, Charsley Harrison LLP has been operating now for well over a century. During that time, the law has seen many changes, with some laws falling into obscurity, old laws being overhauled and new laws emerging. We’ve kept abreast of the changes in that time, providing our private and business clients with a sense of continuity.

Our supreme level of knowledge enables us to provide clients with the right advice appropriate for their requirements. We’ve forged strong links with professionals, including:

  • Barristers
  • Surveyors
  • Accountants
  • Engineers
  • Overseas Law Firms

Thereby allowing us to provide a complete service in which our solicitors undertake all casework. Our lawyers are regulated closely by their regulatory body and undergo periodic training to remain fully versed in all legal fields or their area of specialisation. We recognise that it can be frustrating not being able to reach your solicitor when you have a question or concern; with Charsley Harrison LLP, you’ll never have such concerns.

We’re in this together, so whatever your need, come to us for any and all commercial legal requirements.

Our Commercial Legal Services

Our commercial legal services offer excellent value and cover a wide range of aspects, from company law and commercial contracts to conveyancing. If you’re uncertain of your rights under the law and where you stand in a legal situation, we can help. Don’t be fooled by law firms offering cheap deals, as these are usually cheap for a reason. Our prices are affordable and balance well with the excellent service and professional knowledge we bring to the table.

You’ll receive sound, impartial legal advice that’s appropriate for your situation. Our dedicated team are here to help in any way they can, so read on to learn a little more about what we can do for your business.

Company Law and Commercial Contracts

Working with small- and medium-sized local businesses as well as large, well-known companies nationwide and overseas, we’re here to assist with the creation and interpretation of company law and commercial contracts. It’s always recommended that you obtain legal counsel when it concerns company contracts and documentation. That way, neither you nor anyone else falls foul of being in breach of contractual obligations. Should a dispute arise, we can help settle it.

We’re committed to mitigating the stress and, in some cases, hostility that can often arise from such disputes. If you are ever in doubt as to where you stand on a matter, we’ll advise you. Remember, we tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Advice that falls within our purview includes, but is not limited to:

  • Company Share Acquisitions Disposals
  • Asset Acquisition and Disposals
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Commercial Contracts (Including Agency and Distribution Agreements)
  • General Terms and Conditions (Drafting or Review)
  • Updating Statutory Books

Commercial Property

Suppose you’re involved in a high-value property deal, such as developing an office block, warehouse, commercial venue, etc. In that case, you’ll appreciate that we have first-hand experience in this area. In practice, we don’t just focus on the legal aspects but also the wider issues, adding value to any transaction. Our goal is to address those all-important issues, saving you time, money, and valuable staff resources. This sets us apart from other, less commercially sensitive solicitors,

Areas we can assist include freehold and leasehold commercial property acquisitions and disposals, new business tenancies and agreements (under the Landlord and Tenancy Act 1954), advice on inheritance tax and business property relief on family-owned commercial property (during estate administration), and more. For information, contact our commercial property solicitors.

Everything You Need in One Place

We offer everything you need in one place. We recognise that it can be frustrating being passed from pillar to post, so it’s reassuring to know that our legal team handle all casework themselves. Thanks to our excellent links with other professionals, we can do all the legwork, saving you a lot of time and effort. And our expertise extends beyond commercial law into other areas of law, including:

Whatever assistance you require of Charsley Harrison LLP, you can trust that our team has got it covered. Before you call, we recommend reading up a little more about our firm. Once you’re ready to reach out, you can do so using the details below.

About Charsley Harrison LLP Solicitors

Charsley Harrison LLP is a friendly, knowledgeable, professional law firm established back in the late 19th century. In a world that’s ever-changing, we provide a sense of continuity where legal matters are concerned. For more than a century, we’ve committed ourselves to offer affordable, high-quality legal services. We believe clients shouldn’t have to pay a fortune for top-notch counsel, which is why we pride ourselves on offering excellent value for money.

As a company, we’re regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). Plus, our team of solicitors includes those certified by official bodies, such as the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP). We boast a 12-strong team encompassing a broad range of specialisations, so you can be confident that we have you covered concerning any commercial request.

We have been offering bespoke advice for generations, and we aim to produce concrete results while removing uncertainty. If you’re looking for quality service and sound legal advice at a reasonable price, you’ve come to the right place.

Get in Touch with Our Commercial Solicitors in Berkshire

Having read through the above information, it should be obvious now that Charsley Harrison LLP is the firm to assist your business in all commercial legal matters. We’re also here to assist individuals too, including employees requiring the assistance of employment solicitors. Our corporate lawyers have many years of experience behind them, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe and capable hands.

Our solicitors can be reached at any time, so if you’re looking to talk business, the most direct way to get in touch is by phoning our firm on 01753 851 591. Alternatively, you can also get in touch using a written method. Simply navigate to our contact page and fill out our online form. This channel is actively monitored, so we’ll respond quickly as soon as we’ve received and processed your request. Legal help is never too far, and with Charsley Harrison LLP by your side, you’re never in this alone.