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Buying and selling property can be a complex process, but it doesn’t have to be when you have professional lawyers on hand to guide you through the process. Charsley Harrison guarantees that all your property transactions go smoothly from start to finish, eliminating any fuss or stress for our clients. Our strong background in property law has enabled us to negotiate conveyancing deals on behalf of our clients efficiently and rapidly, providing a streamlined, stress-free legal service.

With our help, transferring property ownerships in Windsor has never been so easy! No matter your requirements, we have experience working with both buyers and sellers to get the deal moving forward as soon as possible. You can say goodbye to tedious conveyancing processes and jumping through endless legal hoops. Let us take the work off your shoulders and get the ball rolling on your property transaction, as we provide legal advice, contract drafting, and more.

Professional Conveyancing Firm in Windsor

Whether you’re buying a home, moving into a new one, or simply diversifying your investment portfolio, navigating the real estate market can be a long and anxious process. Regardless of your case, it is crucial that you recruit the help of a seasoned property lawyer to ensure that you get the best deal on the market and protect your legal rights. This is precisely what Charsley Harrison hopes to do for its Windsor clients, no matter what their business may be.

Reliable Conveyancing Firm Windsor residents can trust

Property deals spring up left, right, and centre on the Internet, but the personal touch between buyer and seller remains exclusively virtual. Unfortunately, this increases the chances of risky business deals and leaves room for fraudulent practices. This is where a professional property lawyer becomes invaluable, especially one available in person or over the phone to instruct you on the best practices for an effective ownership transfer.

A personal connection like this one between conveyancing lawyer and client sets our firm apart from our competitors, making us one of the most reliable and trustworthy conveyancing firms in the industry. Our Windsor solicitors are available when you need them most to safeguard your rights and support you through the process. Though the bulk of our clientele requests involve handling residential properties, we have a specialised team for all your commercial property conveyancing needs as well.

Conveyancing Firm Windsor

About Charsley Harrison LLP Solicitors

Our conveyancing solicitors in Windsor are closely supervised by their regulating legal body to ensure that their knowledge is in alignment with the latest advancements of their field. Continuous training is vital in this regard, helping them glean insight into transaction complications and potential issues. You are in direct contact with them throughout the transaction, a personal touch that few other firms offer their clients.

Why should you choose Charsley Harrison?

We have overseen countless buying and selling transactions in the Windsor area, thus sharpening our grasp on property law, policies, and the myriad of issues that otherwise get in the way of a smooth property transaction. Our keen eye allows us to determine problems that may hinder the transaction process so that we can tackle them proactively and prevent any delays or cancellations.

Our conveyancing service is also highly personalised, meaning you will be collaborating closely with one of our conveyancers and their assistant for a non-fragmented and attentive service. Every step of the way, they will keep you fully updated on the details and the remaining duration of the legal process since we know it can be frustrating to move forward uncertainly.

The conveyancing lawyer will make sure to present the estimated costs up-front at the very beginning of the process so that you won’t get any unpleasant surprises further down the line. Because we hope to provide affordable services, we present very competitive rates to our clients with the utmost transparency.

What can our conveyancing solicitors do for you?

Our Windsor solicitors possess holistic experience in property law, meaning that they can provide extensive services no matter what the property in question requires. Your property business deal can move forward with no delays or stress when you have our team looking out for potential disruptive obstacles. We will also follow up on updates from the transacting parties and make sure you’re always in the loop in a timely manner.

Selling or buying a home with our Windsor Conveyancing Firm

Selling your home to a potential buyer is a stress-free experience with Charsley Harrison. Our comprehensive service package comes with one price tag but covers the entire worklist associated with selling a home. Once you send all the required documents to our conveyancing solicitor, he will give you timely and candid advice about the transaction legalities.

The drafted contract is then sent to you for a final signature, and the process can proceed delay-free. He will manage any mortgage deals, negotiate with real estate agents, and deliver the home sale proceeds, all within the agreed-upon completion date.

Buying is a similarly smooth process, with our fees entailing the work from A to Z.

After both parties have exchanged the contracts, the conveyancing solicitor will then arrange for the proper payment to be received by the seller. He will also manage the registration at the Land Registry and the payment of Stamp Duty/Land Tax, depending on the area of residence.

Buying and selling freehold property

Transferring free-hold property in Windsor is well within our capabilities. Free-hold transactions mean that our conveyancing solicitors will assist you in buying/selling not only the home itself but also the plot of land it is built on, making you the “freeholder”. With our service, you can spare yourself the repeated annual commission fees of lease-holding, giving you full ownership of the property and the associated land.

Buying and selling leasehold property

You can trust our conveyancing solicitors to execute your lease-hold property transactions in Windsor flawlessly. With lease-hold transactions, you lease the property from the original owner and pay an annual fee to the owning individual or company. The process can be more complicated than free-hold transactions, which is why our solicitors will guide you through it with full support.


Our conveyancing solicitors can revise your mortgage contracts and manage the payments between you and your lender. They also handle registration at the Land Registry.

Lease extensions

Lease extensions are a specialised area of the law, making them very complicated for the untrained property hunter. Our conveyancing solicitors will give you invaluable advice on the details of this complex process, including estimated costs, expected process duration, and the next steps you have to take.

Shared ownership schemes

We help first-time buyers benefit from such schemes, specifically when they cannot wholly afford the mortgage on their preferred home. You can buy the majority of your home’s shares (up to 80%) and pay rent on the remaining portion. These forms of deals are only provided on a lease-hold basis. As time goes on, you can slowly accrue more of the value shares. We also have experience with this form of conveyancing, so you can rest easy knowing that your solicitor will facilitate the situation for you.

Drafting leases

Our Charsley Harrison solicitors will speak on your behalf as you draft a new lease. The two parties, usually the tenant and the landlord, will commune together and agree upon the lease terms, similar to any other business transaction. Your conveyancing solicitor will be present to help the two reach agreeable terms as soon as possible to allow the tenant to move in and the landlord to start receiving his monthly payments.

Other services we offer

Apart from conveyancing, our solicitors provide Windsor residents with several other services. These include right-to-buy purchases, auctions, plot sales/purchases, buy-to-let transactions, assured short-hold tenancies, and the transfer of equity (including matrimonial transfers).

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Windsor residents can now hire our professional conveyancing services for their every property need. We boast an industry-approved, professional, and above all, high-quality service with no hidden fees or terms. Our solicitors are there for you at every turn and ensure that they are always within reach for a personal and transparent relationship.

No matter where you live in Windsor, you can reach out to us now! Call us on 01753 851 591 for a prompt interaction, or elaborate on your legal issue by sending us a message! Simply fill in our online contact form with your personal information and your legal enquiry, and expect a response back from our conveyancing team soon.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for expert advice and directly accessible assistance. Enlist the help of Charsley Harrison conveyancing, and you can trust us to make your property transactions as easy and rapid as possible, guaranteed!