Family Law Solicitors Reading

Getting involved in a family law case can not only be emotional, but can at times be messy. Typically, there is a lot involved in family cases, especially when there are children involved. That being said, here at Charsley Harrison, we have a strong and experienced team of lawyers who have the capability of dealing with these difficult cases as well as fighting for the best possible outcome.

If you’re looking for a professional and experienced team of solicitors to take care of your family law solicitors Reading, get in touch with us today and we’ll provide you with all the information that you need to get things started.

What Is Family Law  

Family Law Solicitors Reading
There are lots of people who only relate family law to divorce. It’s true, the majority of family law cases are divorce, although there is a fair share of situations where clients are only seeking advice regarding family law and what their case would entail.

When discussing your family law solicitors Reading with one of our experienced lawyers, there are no strings attached. If you’re looking to get a divorce from your partner, we can help get it done. If you’re just looking for some advice on your marriage and how a divorce would turn out in regard to your finances, should you decide to get one, we are more than happy to discuss it with you.


Following on from the previous point that we made, anything which you choose to discuss with one of our solicitors will be kept completely confidential, unless you allow otherwise. We understand the sensitivity that goes alongside family law and our team are very comfortable in keeping anything that you tell them, to themselves.

Why Choose Us?

We have the experience to understand how delicate of a subject family law is. We know that in most cases, family law can be messy and we know how difficult it can be for all parties involved.

Our goal is to make this process go as smoothly as possible for you in order to minimise the emotional distress that you experience in the process. Family law is a sensitive subject, we understand this. However, our team have been helping their many clients to resolve any family issues which they have for several decades, and they have succeeded in doing so.

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If what you’ve read about our services so far has interested you, then it’s worth getting in touch with us to discuss what legal representation from us could do for you. You can either call us up on 01753 851 591, send us a fax at 01753 851 591, or simply fill out the form provided on our contact page and we’ll get in touch with you! When it comes to a family law solicitors Reading, you are our number one priority.