Notarial Matters

Professional service with a personal touch.

For companies and individuals with businesses or connections overseas, the Notaries Public provide an efficient and reliable service.

The Notaries Public assist companies and individuals that may need the services of a Notary. For example to legalise documents relating to an overseas contract or overseas house sale or purchase.

Notarial Matters

The type of documentation regularly legalised by our Notary Public includes:

  • Company documents
  • Powers of attorney for use abroad
  • International conveyancing documentation
  • Family documentation, including paperwork for international adoption and divorce decrees
  • Wills and probate documents needed to deal with assets located overseas
  • Personal documents, including visa paperwork and marriage and death certificates

Some countries require us to legalise documents. Once notarised, a certificate or “apostille” must be affixed to the document by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or the consulate of the country where the document is to be used. We can advise you if this procedure is necessary and arrange for the certificate to be put in place, and we can arrange a courier if time is of the essence.