Notary Public in Slough

Do you require the services of a Slough notary public? If so, call Charsley Harrison LLP today and speak to our talented legal specialists. For many years now, our firm has provided a reliable service for clients across the local area. When you’re looking to remain within the boundaries of the law, look no further than a notary public in Slough provided by Charsley Harrison LLP.

The most highly trusted notary public Slough has seen

Here at Charsley Harrison LLP, we specialise in supplying a highly regarded notary public Slough service. Our firm has and maintains solid dealings with many reputable businesses to which we have supplied an efficient, and reliable service for both authenticating and legalising virtually all documentation. Our notary public in Slough can even provide you with an apostille if required.

To learn more about how our Slough notary public services work, read on below.

What can Charsley Harrison LLP do for you?

Whether you’re an individual or a corporation, if you have connections abroad our notary public in Slough is essential. Where an organisation deals with a client overseas, notaries are required to authenticate and legalise any documentation such as a contract, sale or proof of purchase. At Charsley Harrison LLP, our legal team will ensure that any paperwork drawn up falls within the legal boundaries of the country in which it is carried out.

Before proceeding, we will sit with you to discuss exactly what it is that you require us to do and establish a timeline for completion. As the best choice for a notary public Slough has seen, we leave nothing to chance. If you are required to grant power of attorney to an overseas lawyer, we will stand witness to the signing of any associated documents. Our notary public in Slough will also confirm your identity, sign and seal the document on your behalf.

If two languages are spoken between the organisation and the client, our Slough notary public will ensure that both parties understand the terms as well as the meaning of the document. This will be done with complete impartiality with no personal interest, our notary public in Slough is there to validate any agreement and not to advise.

Money Laundering Regulations 2003

To remain compliant with the Money Laundering Regulations 2003, the notary public Slough team here at Charsley Harrison LLP will require various documents to prove the identity of the client. We typically require one piece of ID such as:

  • Armed Forces Pass 
  • Driving License
  • National Identity Card
  • Other Government Issue ID
  • Passport

The notary public in Slough will also review any third-party correspondence including advice that may have been received plus a proof of residence such as a bank statement or utility bill.

For corporate clients, you may be asked by our Slough notary public to provide evidence of the company or due incorporation. This can be done with one of the following pieces of documentation:

  • Evidence of regulation by an authoritative body
  • Certified copy of partnership agreement (up-to-date)
  • Full and current report on any audited accounts
  • An official extract from the company register
  • Incorporation certificate

Why choose our notary public in Slough?

Here at Charsley Harrison LLP, our Slough notary public specialists have a long and proud history that dates back to the late 19th century. In that time, we have kept informed of the continuous changes and updates that occur regularly within any legal framework. As the finest choice for a notary public Slough has to offer, we have established highly valuable connections over the years with a range of specialists including barristers, accountants and surveyors.

This has enabled our dedicated and fully qualified Slough notary public team to assist clients in all aspects of their business dealings. Our highly respected firm guarantees discretion with the privacy of our clients observed in the strictest fashion. As well as our notary public Slough service, Charsley Harrison LLP also provides sound legal advice for a broad range of areas.

We strive to tell you what you need to hear without sugar-coating the truth. You can be confident when you choose us to represent you that we will operate with efficiency and integrity to ensure no unnecessary delays or complications. Our team will maintain a complete public record of all originals or copies of any documents which can be accessed by any party with the appropriate right of access.


To see for yourself what our notary public in Slough can do for your business, get in contact with Charsley Harrison LLP today on 01753 851 591.