Private Client

Professional service with a personal touch
  • How can I make a Will to ensure my assets go to the persons I wish to benefit upon my death?
  • How do I take care of my deceased relative’s affairs?
  • How do I get a Grant of Probate?
  • Can I challenge a Will or defend a Will which is being contested?
  • Who will manage my finances and care if I am incapacitated or seriously injured?
  • If necessary, how can I ensure that any relatives or friends can assist me with any financial affairs?
  • Do I have, or how should I defend, a claim concerning an Estate?

These are some of the questions our private client solicitors in Windsor face every day. At Charsley Harrison LLP, we understand that each client has his or her own needs, and the personal approach we take really helps us determine how we can best help you.

Charsley Harrison Solicitors

Our work includes:


Our Wills and Probate team will explain the importance of leaving what you want to who you want and how to deal with matters in a tax-efficient manner.

Probate and Administration

We have the flexibility to provide varying levels of assistance: we can efficiently deal with Estate administration from beginning to end or obtain a Grant of Probate for you if required.

Lasting Powers of Attorney ("LPAs")

LPAs provide protection for clients who may become vulnerable or incapacitated in the future or need assistance on a day-to-day basis immediately.

Estate Planning

The continuing rise of house prices, especially in London and the South East, means more and more Estates will fall above the Inheritance Tax threshold.  A Will is invalid; we have the expertise to provide tax-planning advice when drafting your Will.


Fixed-fee advice for house sales as part of Estate Administration.


Muteira Salim is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), the specialist group of worldwide Trust lawyers. In addition to advising on the creation of Trusts, we manage the administration of several long-running family Trusts.

Court of Protection Work

If a person becomes mentally incapable and has not created an LPA, we can help with the application to appoint a Deputy to manage his or her affairs.

Contentious Probate

Early legal advice is essential if you think:

  • You have not been adequately provided for financially by a deceased person;
  • A Will is invalid;
  • A claim may be made against an Estate you are responsible for;
  • You partly own a property or have contributed to a property that has been given to someone else.