Windsor Probate Solicitor

Do you need to apply for a grant of probate following the death of a family member? Are there issues that you want to contend with the probate process? Here at Charsley Harrison LLP, we have a team of professionals that provide advice on these matters. Our Windsor probate solicitor will assist in the process. For more information about how we can help, call 01753 851 591. 


A Probate Solicitor Windsor Clients Can Trust 

When it comes to any form of legal obligations, it is essential that you seek advice from an experienced professional with a strong reputation. At Charsley Harrison LLP, we only hire professionals that put the clients’ needs first. With that in mind, if you are looking for the best probate solicitor in Windsor, then you have come to the right place. 

Probate is the term used to describe settling someones estate after they die. The person granted probate will be responsible for executing someones will and dealing with beneficiaries. In many cases, the deceased would have appointed the executor in their Will. If there is no Will, then letters of administration’ will be provided. Our Windsor probate solicitor can advise on next steps. 

If you are responsible for settling the estate, which can include property, assets and personal belongings, then you have two options. You can either administer the will yourself, or appoint a professional to oversee the process. By hiring our probate solicitor, Windsor clients, we can help you decide on the best course of action. 

In some instances, you may need advice from a probate solicitor in Windsor if there are issues of contention. For example, if a Will is invalid or a claim has been made against the estate you will require early legal advice. Also, you should seek our assistance if a property you part-own has been given to someone else or the deceased person has not provided for you enough financially. 


We Can Handle the Full Administration of the Estate 

Many choose family members or close friends to be the executor of their Will, which is an added responsibility. During this time, you will be grieving the loss of your loved one, so we are here to help you with the legal aspect of the process. Our Windsor probate solicitor can assist you with the full administration of the estate. The stages required to complete this process are listed below: 

  • Obtain Values of the Assets and Liabilities 
  • Prepare the Inheritance Tax Return and the Oath to be Sworn 
  • Submit the Inheritance Tax Return 
  • Submit the Probate Application and Obtain Grant of Representation 
  • Obtain the Assets 
  • Pay any Liabilities and Distribute Legacies 

Our probate solicitor, Windsor clients, will also assist in selling the property and pay any Inheritance Tax due if necessary. We will also help in drawing up the estate accounts and obtain approval to make final distributions. 


Windsor Probate Solicitor


Why Seek Advice from Our Windsor Probate Solicitor? 

We understand that this process is overwhelming, particularly if you have very little knowledge of legal practices. By coming to Charsley Harrison LLP, we will appoint you a probate solicitor in Windsor that can take care of the heavy lifting. As professionals we advise measures that will benefit everyone involved and make the process easier. 

Our practice dates back to the late 19th century, so we boast a wealth of knowledge and prestige. Over the years, aspects of the law have changed, and we have been able to adapt alongside it. The legal spectrum is ever-changing, so we make sure that all of our professionals, including our Windsor probate solicitor, stay up-to-date. 

Unlike other firms that you may have come across, you will get direct access to your Windsor probate solicitor. All of our lawyers provide one-to-one treatment to clients, ensuring that they are regularly updated on casework. Our solicitors undergo regular training and always vow to be honest and transparent. 


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